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TradingView The Ultimate Setup Guide for the BEST & FREE Stock Charting Platform!

Posted by wpresidence on 2022-08-08

This is an awesome tool that can provide you with simple buy end sell signals that you can then act on. Everything on this list atom8 forex is ‘up to date’ at the time of writing. However, what you must remember is that the world of computer hardware changes rapidly.

This is where traders return from lunch and are looking to enter or close positions in preparation for the next trading day. This is a great trading opportunity for active traders as the high low ranges set earlier in the day are breached. The other variety of mounts, which is also quite common with beginner traders, is the monitor stands. This one is designed to sit atop the work desk rather than clamping to the side as is the case with the desk mounts. These are pretty limited and typically accommodate a maximum of 3 monitors at a time. A high-resolution monitor will help enhance your viewing experience.

best trading set up

When a pattern looks like it’s forming, it’s a “setup” that a trader can try to use to generate profit. You can use false breakout patterns to confirm other strategies for exotic pairs day trading. For example, if the price plummeted off the open and you are trading an impulse-pullback-consolidation setup, you might expect the price to fall again.

I have a hard time believing one needs this much screen real estate to be successful at trading. However, if you’re using more than four monitors, it’s recommended that you use a VESA mount to make the most of your space. VESA is the standard mounting interface for monitors and TVs. VESA mounts work by attaching multiple monitors to a single mount, so that you can have monitors on top of one another or side by side.

#4 Take a Screenshot of Your Chart

That said, you obviously don’t want to spend all day sitting in front of your computer waiting for these breakouts to occur. Because of this, it is very beneficial if you set up the alert system in your trading platform of choice. Therefore, exactly how you enter a trade is going to dictate how much money you make, or if you make money at all. Generally speaking, this is the case whether you are a forex https://forexbroker-listing.com/ trader, crypto currency trader, stock market trader, commodities trader, or anything in between. You only have 8GB of RAM, and it is only able to power two monitors, but for the vast majority of traders that I have met, this is going to be more than enough to get them started. Although, do bear in mind that you will need to make an upgrade to it if you really want to use multiple screens at once.

best trading set up

A stock price finds support as it’s falling prior to a reversal; it faces resistance as it’s rising prior to a reversal. Ezekiel Chew the founder and head of training at Asia Forex Mentor isn’t your typical forex trainer. He is a recognized expert in the forex industry where he is frequently invited to speak at major forex events and trading panels. His insights into the live market are highly sought after by retail traders.

Can I use my laptop for day trading?

The chart links to tickers on all the panels through the green symbol on the upper left. Traders can also flip through time frames, from two-minute to monthly, by clicking on the top toolbar. As you study each day trading setup, it’s important to remember you must find the one that matches your trading style the most, in order to have success. Believe it or not, an online broker is a financial institution designed to help customers purchase different securities such as stocks from one of the best trading platforms. Those with laptops for day trading can get themselves mobile monitor stands for their mobile monitor to prevent it from falling off.

It is a common chart type with several price action strategies based on it. Whether it’s one, two, three, or even more screens, make sure that you can find the tools and data you need with just a glance so that you can take action when a signal appears. If you are just buying and selling any and every breakout, then your success rate will likely land around 50%. So, the takeaway from this statistic is there are just as many failing breakouts as ones that will continue trending.


So, our basic recommendation is that you should settle for a dedicated GPU graphics card. Everything you’re seeing right now on your screen is a product of prtrend its graphics card. With that in mind, we’d specifically recommend a minimum of a Quad-Core processor with at least 2.8GHz for a basic trading platform.

The double seven setup

Your ability to accurately pre-screen a breakout will determine how often the stock will continue in the direction of the primary trend. I have been able to successfully introduce the concept of volatility into my trading system which has greatly increased my overall win rate. Trading Review’s mission is to help you become a better and smarter trader/investor through in-depth reviews of courses, trading software, and more.

A flag is a classic technical analysis pattern that predates anyone reading this article. If you are unfamiliar with the pattern it’s a sloping rectangular formation that occurs after a strong move. The primary characteristics of the formation are an increase in volume with a sharp price move. The stock then begins to consolidate in a range pattern that goes counter to the trend and volume completely dries up. Believe it or not, there are trading ranges that can develop intraday.

Best Trading Platforms 2022

Don’t go for trading laptops or computers if you don’t have a lot of capital. With SSD you have higher chances of saving your data in case the hard drives crash. Data protection is not so great with the old-school hard drive.

How Should You Set Up Your Trading Monitors?

The most common VESA compliant hold dimensions are 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm (monitors weighing less than 30 lbs.). To help you better understand the types of monitor mounts available, here are some things you should know and keep in mind. Reason being, these price data are under the authority of the respective stock exchanges (eg. Bursa), and users will need to pay a fee to access live datafeed. However, if you are investing or trading the market outside of US, it is important to note that the data that comes with TradingView is delayed data.

The VP2468 comes with multiple connectivity options including a DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, and HDMI® inputs for simplified installation. For easier multi-monitor setup, the VP2468 connects to other monitors via a single-cable daisy chain. However, if your home office setup involves mounting your monitors, it’s best to avoid curved ultrawide monitors as their size and curvature can create complications when mounting.

The best trading computers in the world will often have a lot more RAM than your average gaming computer, because most gamers do not actually need a lot of RAM . Here you can find our archive with all our swing trading articles. Carolyn Kimball is managing editor for Reink Media and the lead editor for the StockBrokers.com Annual Review. Carolyn has more than 20 years of writing and editing experience at major media outlets including NerdWallet, the Los Angeles Times and the San Jose Mercury News. Morgan Self-Directed Investing gives Chase Bank customers easy access to investing, and its all-in-one platform makes money and asset management simple and straightforward. An OHLC chart is a type of bar chart that shows open, high, low, and closing prices.

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